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          • Address: 13145 NW 45th Avenue,
            Miami, FL 33054

          • Call Us: 1800 426 4826

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          Medical - Physical Therapy/Fitness

          CMI Vinyl is a high-quality cost efficient choice that provides lasting value at competitive pricing for all medical settings.

          Versatile enough to stimulate the look of both woven fabric and leather while providing an easy cleanable stain resistant and antimicrobial finish. CMI Dimensions vinyl colors have been selected specifically for the medical & healthcare market and provide a soothing color pallet for today?s health care environments.

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          All CMI vinyl is manufactured to pass most flammability codes in addition to providing finishes and treatments that give the product superior abrasion characteristics. CMI vinyl provides mildew, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial protection, as well as oil and sulfide resistance and UV protection. We are happy to provide custom color matching for any application.