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          • Address: 13145 NW 45th Avenue,
            Miami, FL 33054

          • Call Us: 1800 426 4826

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          CMI Enterprises, Inc. has been an innovator of transportation interiors for over 3 decades. These innovations have been a direct result of customer and end user needs and feedback as well as extensive research and design. The end result is - the most aesthetically pleasing interior environments available today. We also provide this same expertise to the Over the Road Trucking Industry with a grouping of products developed from that market.

          We are able to maintain the highest standards in matching leather, making synthetic matches nearly indistinguishable from it's leather counterpart.

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          New technologies in our coated fabric, such as resins have been utilized to maintain or increase durability while decreasing weight. Advancements in top coat formulations have also increased surface durability while sustaining richer, more contemporary gloss levels. Extensive research and design in substrates have resulted in products with greater tailor-ability for today's demanding contours in upholstery.